INNOVATION is often about building upon the works of others.

Thanks to Salesforce,   Princeton Innovators can help our customers stay ahead of the game with Lightning.





Sometimes it’s a question, an idea, or simply a sense that the process or system flow could work better. From there, it’s almost magical. It blossoms into something that, at first, we could never have imagined. That’s the

Power of the Lightning Platform

Agile, Flexible, Secure — so Princeton Innovators can focus on your business.



It starts with you, the customer. Princeton Innovators learns about your business goals and identifies your existing systems that will integrate nicely with your Salesforce.

Princeton Innovators then looks externally to web data services that will be great for your business. It all comes together like a puzzle, or better yet, like a work of art.


Thanks to Salesforce, you don’t have to manage code.

Princeton Innovators delivers your custom business apps directly to your Salesforce via the Salesforce AppExchange.

You maintain complete control of installed apps with just a few clicks. It couldn’t be easier.

Let's get started!

With Lightning, it’s time to rethink your business apps and information systems. It is no longer necessary to navigate endlessly to search for information through multiple screens during a transaction. With Lightning, Princeton Innovators can bring the critical data to you. This more simplified design approach helps to maintain clean data, discover hidden business insights, and streamline your everyday work.

For example, DonatePro is a Lightning App designed to help nonprofit professionals better manage donations by enabling the entry of all Donor and Donation related information on one screen. We know you will love it once you try it. More importantly, we look forward to learning how you would like us to make it even better for you.

What should your Lightning Apps do?
DonatePro Screen by Princeton Innovators
"DonatePro was created with much attention to detail. It has been a tremendous addition to Salesforce for SONJ."
- Cheryl Willis, Finance & Administration Director @ Special Olympics NJ

Princeton Innovators is a Salesforce ISV in Orlando, building Lightning Apps for companies and nonprofit organizations interested in achieving the next level of Customer Success.​

Princeton Innovators was started in Princeton, New Jersey by Thomas Carrier in 2009. Of course, the catalyst of the Princeton Innovators business launch was Salesforce. After more than a decade consulting small and Fortune-class companies on better managing their customer relations with CRM and Call Center systems, Tom was invited by Salesforce to a development event.


At this event, Tom quickly recognized Salesforce as the next big innovator in the CRM and Cloud Platform space. Soon after, Tom became a Salesforce Certified Developer and maintained the certification for more than five years. For more information about Tom, please visit


In 2012, Princeton Innovators became a Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner and joined the AppExchange Partner Program two years later. Since then, Princeton Innovators has specialized in packaging and delivering apps to its customers via the Salesforce AppExchange


After dozens of Salesforce app development projects, including one for DNS Management, an Artificial Intelligence(AI) Salesforce to IBM Watson integration for Language Translation and Sentiment Analysis, as well as a Lightning app for nonprofits to better manage Donors and Donations, Princeton Innovators is ready to help you take your Salesforce to the next level with Lightning.

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